The Bed & Books philosophy

The concept behind this accommodation and its very name were born of a passion for books.


Le temps d'un livre, 

Le temps de l'ivresse,

Le temps de Livresse...


This poetic progression embracing the concepts of books and exhilaration evokes the heady atmosphere created by literature and books in general.



The place has been designed to create a lovely niche for literature. The library, designed along artisanal lines, abounds in books of all kinds: novels, essays, art books, cartoons and more.



The shelves also hold a few works in English, Dutch and German. Others in more exotic languages, such as a book in Danish deliberately left behind by departing guests, further enhance the collection.



Book lovers will be delighted to find reading matter to satisfy their thirst for culture. They will benefit from recommendations made by the owner, her literary favourites. 



This is intended as a possible platform for exchanges, with books as the pretext. You take away the book that has captured your attention and, if you feel so inclined, leave yours behind as a reminder of your stay and in the hope that the next reader will appreciate it.



Books, as objects, lend the space a restful and inspiring atmosphere for everyone. The peace and quiet that pervades the setting, so conducive to reading, reflection, contemplation, will delight you as you take a break…



Le Temps de Livresse
rue du château de Saint-Marc 120
5003 Saint-Marc (Namur)


+32 476 88 89 47

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